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Department name:
Business Development
Department description:

They are hunted by the Ukrainian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, but in Traffic Devils the conditions are more interesting. The work of the specialists of this department is aimed at building productive and friendly communication with partners and internal media buying, so building relationships is their main task.

Merits to Traffic Devils:

Over 300 partners from various sectors have been integrated. Every year, over 4,000 new offers for all offices are made. Although it is obvious which sharks work in TD after this info, we’ll continue.

More than $200,000 forced for compensation, which is a decent chunk of cash, right?

We attended almost all conferences, meetups and came out fully at the bourgeois conferences: KINZA Kyiv, Sempro Kyiv, MAC Moscow, Dubai AGS, Amsterdam IGB, Click Dealer Party, Affhub Kyiv, Hucca events Conversion, Affair Kyiv, ALO conf Kyiv, Guru conf Kyiv. We’ve been to every place except yours.

First lady of Affiliate:

Over 3 years of work experience in arbitration: buying from 10 traffic sources, work in Dating and Gambling. As well as the experience of integrating and managing 150+ global partners.

Department name:
Department description:

We provide apps for internal buying and partners, as well as professional support for TD APPS products and process automation.

Merits to Traffic Devils:

Market leaders

Over 6 million installs per month

Over 300 active apps

Over 100 000 installs — average app lifetime

Head of department:

Over 5 years of experience in the development industry, in charge of all project processes as well as the building of international relations between partners.

Department name:
Department description:

These are top recruiters who are continuously on the lookout for new and innovative ways to hire fresh blood for Traffic Devils. We’ve grown 1.5 times within last six months, adding new segments and putting together new teams.

Merits to Traffic Devils:

Complete reorganisation of the department, automation of recruiting operations, introduction of analytics, establishment of the HR brand, development of corporate culture, and development of the company’s social media networks.

First lady of HR:

Over 2 years of experience in HR industry. Went from recruiter to HRD. Responsible for all HR processes in the company.

Department name:
Department description:

A gang of highly experienced creators, graphic and motion designers from all over the world. With a daily average productivity of 100+ creatives, the affiliate market’s largest design department.

Merits to Traffic Devils:
Creative gang leader:

5 years of experience in arbitration. Responsible for the whole design of Traffic Devils, as well as hiring and monitoring department staff and increasing creo profitability.

Department name:
Department description:

We are involved in the development and support of all aspects of traffic. We make things easier for our beloved buyers and co-workers from other departments.

Merits to Traffic Devils:

Look for new IT solutions and approaches, as well as training and co-development.

Elon Musk's main competitors:

More than 6 years of experience in the industry. Author of in-house developments that have made partners over a million dollars. He is responsible for administrative work, strategy planning, and duties organization in the department.


Grey eminence, who overcame the need for rest and sleep. He progressed from being a regular employee to being the manager of all TD Apps rentals. He has the ability to speed up nearly any departmental operation without turning to profanity. How about that, Elon?

Department name:
Department description:

Combat unit with multiple functions. Our top auto-farms, autoregs, and much more are generated here. A location where even the most unskilled beginner may easily transform into a true farm wolf.

Merits to Traffic Devils:

In this system, each farmer is assigned a certain function. As a result, the rate at which consumables are distributed in Traffic Devils: Acceleration to 100: 2.4 sec., like Bugatti Veyron Super Sport 300+.

Head of department:

The experience of this sea captain is 1 year. Why long-distance navigation? Yes, because he swims so deep into Facebook that sometimes he opens up whole new lands. In addition to being our leading discoverer, he is also an amazing quality psychologist, because he was able to unite such a diverse population of pharmaceuticals with a single goal — to work tirelessly.

Department name:
Department description:

In short, the affiliate market’s wolves from Wall Street. Every day, the department is in charge of supplying payment instruments to buyers, collecting and monitoring expenses, conducting partner programme checks, generating statistics and reporting, and calculating wages and bonuses.

Merits to Traffic Devils:

The organisation has adopted an analytical summary of its key indicators, produced management reporting, and automated the calculation of bonuses based on daily statistics.

Pack leader:

Over ten years of experience in finance.

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