We've been racing ahead of everyone for 3 years in a row.

Traffic Devils

We make the
biggest cash
On the affiliate market in the CIS

We pour tons of

high-quality traffic in

Gambling, Dating

and other ways

Our vacancies
Traffic Devils —
is not just the best
arbitration company
in the CIS

We are the
creators of
crazy cases

In affiliate
Million dollars checks and working conditions that allow staff to develop into traffic experts.

Buy a Rolex for

yourself, a

Maison for your

mom, and a

sportscar for

your dad

This is the place
where the top
buyers flocked.
t's about Traffic Devils
We don't wanna hear about anything less.

Where the best
buyers grow

and live?
Of course,
in our
And that's putting it lightly

Top work environment, timetable, and team that will make even the harshest biker feel at ease.

Pick an office 
that is closer

to you or relocate to Kyiv, Odessa and dough will no longer be an issue. Never

Cash isn’t

Only those who haven't made tens of thousands of crispy Benjamin Franklins with us say this.
And this isn't a joke, it's the reality.
Traffic Devils have
the highest
interest rates for
buyers on the
Where the tops
receive up to 40%
of the profit
You won't find such conditions anywhere else, so we hunt the best of the best on the affiliate market in the CIS

What we can't
do without?

Without values.

Ask any of our staff what they love and cherish about Traffic Devils, and they will tell you:

Working on the outcome only
They don't wait for decisions from on high, but instead dig for themselves
Home atmosphere
Here you are adored simply for what you are. And only then for cases, the checks of which are indecent to speak out loud.
It’s worth just looking at our latest infrastructure. And it immediately becomes clear why we call ourselves gods.
Our work processes
Colleagues at your last job did not even dream about them: there is a place for jokes, there is no officialdom, any idea will find support, and the team becomes a second family.

What has
happened so far?

Why aren't our

They don't
wanna return
to earth from
In short.
And if

You like

we’ve got

Fiery creatives who will go into every line of the TK with unique and well-converting ideas

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